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Karel Appel

he dutch famous painter “Karel Appel” 1921 / 2006 has his breaktrough in 1959 and was inspired by Picasso – Matisse and Dubuffet. In 1946 he was a member of “The Young Painters Amsterdam“. He also was co-founder of the “Experimental Group Holland“. He made a lot of famous paintings and also art statues al over the world. This collecters item is in a beautyfull condition. Made and signed by the famous dutch photograph”Nico Koster” also provide punch. “Nico Koster is winner of the “Wolrd Press Photo Award” and “Spot News“. In excellent condition. Professionaly framed in gold tinted wooden framed. Photo made and signed by “Nico Koster” and also provide punch. Photo paper is silver press. Best quallity. show more

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€ 995