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1960s Oxford Green Leather Sofa and Matching Swivel Chair by André Vandenbeuck

Beautiful living room or lounge set in dark / Oxford green leather with teak and chrome accents designed by André Vandenbeuck, 1960s. Accentually rare and very beautiful detail about the set is that the stand underneath the sofa is made in the same matter, with teak connection between, then the stand under the swivel chair. The swivel chair and the sofa received both new bindings. Fillings has been replaced where needed and the still original Oxford green leather is treated and therefor is the overall condition very good! Measurements for the sofa are: Wide 175cm or 70 inches. Depth 72cm or 28 inches and the height is also 72cm or 28 inches. The swivel chair is wide 70cm or 27 inches and also 72cm or 28 inches height. The seat height for both is 40cm or 15.5 inches. show more

Status: In store