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Cado by Paul Cadovius

A beautiful and rare freestanding wall unit designed by Poul Cadovius for Cado Denmark. This cabinet is made of teak. The system includes three standing free supports (H.197 cm, D.40 cm), one writing shelf (D.37 cm, W.80 cm), four bookshelves (D.24 cm, W.80 cm), one shelf (D.30 cm, W.80 cm), one cabinet with three drawers (H.44 cm, D.36 cm, W.80 cm) and one bar cabinet with glass sliding doors (H.33 cm, D.22 cm, W.80 cm). Total of the wall unit: H.197 cm, W.163 cm, D.40 cm All items are in a exc ellent condition. Period 1960s. show more

Status: In store